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The Danish Agency for Labour Market and Recruitment

About us

The Danish Agency for Labour Market and Recruitment (STAR) is responsible for implementing and following up on employment policy in Denmark, including recruitment of necessary foreign labour.

Social partners

The social partners represent parties involved with the labour market policy from a national, regional and local level, through counselling and tripartite discussions with the government.

Nationwide IT tools

The agency is responsible for the public-sector-wide digitisation strategy and thus several nationwide IT tools with the purpose of supporting the employment system for both municipalities, citizens and enterprises. The agency is consistently developing new tools.

Labour market monitoring

The agency monitors the labour market by combining own statistics and surveys with data from Statistics Denmark (Danmarks Statistik) in order to evaluate and improve the employment policy.

Recent labour market policy reforms

The government's recent labour market policy reforms overall seek to reduce unemployment and improve the employment system.

Active labour market policy measures

The primary purpose of active employment measures is to contribute to a well-functioning labour market by assisting unemployed people to find work and to provide services to employers seeking labour.

Business service in the Danish Employment System

Business service in Denmark consists of business service, better coordination across municipalities, and Jobservice Denmark. Business service became of focus with the employment reform of 2014

Evidence-based policy-making

The evidence strategy has been implemented across the entire Ministry of Employment and consists of three tracks: collect existing evidence about what works, innovate new evidence about this, and communicate the results.

EEA unemployment benefits

If you have been employed and insured against unemployment in Denmark and become unemployed in another EEA country, you may transfer your periods of employment and unemployment insurance from Denmark to the other EEA country.