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About the Danish Agency for Labour Market and Recruitment

The Danish Agency for Labour Market and Recruitment is a new agency under the Ministry of Employment. The agency was formed on 1 January 2014.

The Danish Agency for Labour Market and Recruitment 

The overall objective of the agency is to help ensure that Denmark has a flexible, dynamic and efficient labour market. Our main focus is on moving people from unemployment and social security benefits into education and employment.

It is also our objective to increase the available workforce in Denmark to the benefit of employers in Denmark and Danish society at large. This is to be achieved by retaining people on the Danish labour market, and supporting the efforts to recruit highly qualified professionals from outside Denmark.

EEA Unemployment Benefits

If you have been employed and insured against unemployment in Denmark and become unemployed in another EEA country, you may transfer your periods of employment and unemployment insurance from Denmark to the other EEA country. These may be used to satisfy the conditions in the other EEA country concerning entitlement to benefits during unemployment.

Read more about EEA unemployment benefits

Auf Deutsch: Arbeitslosenversicherung in Dänemark


The agency is responsible for the regional Workindenmark centres and for the website, where foreign nationals can find information and advice about working in Denmark and upload their CV, and where employers in Denmark can upload job adverts aimed at foreign nationals.

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