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Active measures in the labour market policy

Active employment measures are offered to both jobcentres and enterprises in order to help the unemployed to find work and upgrade skills.

Listed below are some other active employment measures.

Job rotation scheme

By means of a job rotation scheme, an enterprise may be eligible for job rotation benefits from the job centre if the enterprise sends an employee on continuing training and at the same time temporarily employs an unemployed person as a substitute.

The temporary employee in the enterprise is required to have been unemployed for a minimum of six months and is permitted to work as a temporary employee for up to six months.

Adult apprenticeship scheme

The adult apprenticeship scheme entails that enterprises may be eligible for a subsidy for the salary paid in the practical training period when they enter into a training agreement with adults who have turned 25 years old at the commencement of the programme.

Upgrading of skills through employment

When employing a person in an ordinary job, the job centre can grant subsidies to an employer to cover their expenses incurred in connection with upgrading the skills of the employee. The job centre can grant subsidies for training employees who have been unemployed for 12 months. People under 30 years old or people who are at risk of becoming long-term unemployed can get into the scheme after six months of unemployment. 

A condition for granting subsidies is that the upgrading of skills goes beyond what the employer would normally be required to provide, for example, on-the-job training schemes or work tools that are specific to the individual employer.

Last updated: 26-10-2018