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Other IT tools

The agency has developed a number of tools that assist the jobseekers and caseworkers and that address all types of jobseekers, including graduates and foreigners.

Application system for work-oriented offers (VITAS)

VITAS is a digital tool that supports business-oriented offers, both in the businesses’ application process and in the job centre’s case management of the application.

The purpose of VITAS is to simplify and streamline the application process for both businesses and job centres across the country. This is done, among others, by ensuring that the received applications are filled out with the correct information. The general optimization of the process both for businesses, job centres and citizens is implemented to give citizens and businesses faster, more transparent and more precise verdicts on applications.

The vision of VITAS is to give the best possible conditions for applications and administration of business-oriented offers and through this increase the quality of the employment effort.


Workindenmark.dk is the official Danish website for international recruitment and job seeking. Danish employers can post job vacancies, search for foreign candidates in the CV database, and can find relevant information about recruiting employees from abroad.

Jobseekers from abroad can search for jobs in Denmark in the job database; they can add their CV to the CV database and find relevant information about job search, working and living in Denmark.

Besides the abovementioned services on Workindenmark.dk, recruitment consultants at Workindenmark's three centres can help both foreign jobseekers and Danish employers with providing information and guidance and facilitating recruitment processes.

Workindenmark.dk website (new window)

The virtual job centre

Change Agenda C: Empowerment and digital self-service
The objective of empowerment in the employment initiatives is to encourage citizens and businesses to assume primary responsibility for their own cases. STAR has placed particular emphasis on developing the virtual job-centre strategy which will serve to empower citizens and businesses by offering effective self-service solutions targeted at the needs of the individual user.

The overall vision of the virtual job-centre strategy is:

  • One digital entry to all employment efforts
  • Empowerment of citizens and businesses
  • Reducing the administrative burden
  • Better recruitment opportunities
Last updated: 01-04-2020