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Jobservice Denmark

Jobservice Denmark is a national hotline for large or nationwide enterprises and enterprises with large-scale recruitment needs. Jobservice Denmark works together with the job centres and relevant actors in coordinating the recruitments process.

Large and nationwide enterprises have requested the establishment of a single point of entry into the employment system. With this in mind, Jobservice Denmark should work to meet enterprises' wishes for simpler access across municipal borders, which eases administrative burdens in regard to the amount of contact between enterprises and the employment system.
Jobservice Denmark is a national hotline for large or nationwide enterprises and enterprises with large-scale recruitment needs. It is a single point of entry to the Danish public employment service for enterprises that are experiencing problems with recruitment or who want to recruit from more than one of Denmark's 94 local job centres.

Enterprises can call the hotline whenever they experience problems finding qualified available labour and have recruitment requirements which span multiple job centres. Jobservice Denmark’s main task is to coordinate across local job centres. The regional labour markets divisions coordinate this service.

Jobservice Denmark offers enterprises the opportunity to enter into a jobservice agreement as part of a longer-term cooperation with the public employment service in the spheres of recruitment, upskilling, and staff retention. A jobservice agreement can help prevent a lack of qualified labour at the enterprise.

When employers call the hotline, the labour market division will coordinate with the relevant local job centre and appoint one job centre as an anchor, and a contact person for the enterprise. Jobservice Denmark and the anchor job centre will coordinate the recruitment process in cooperation with relevant actors, such as unemployment insurance funds and the educational institutions.
This service has clear targets. Three days after contacting Jobservice Denmark the employer will be presented with possible candidates, who are able to start work at short notice, or alternatively, Jobservice Denmark may offer assistance with upskilling or training, such that the employer will get the qualified personnel they require. 

Supporting elements of the employment reform (2014)

As a result of the employment reform, resources have been allocated with which to develop new IT to support the business service concept in job centres, so as to make it easier for job centres to assist private enterprises across municipal borders and to ensure a better match between candidates and employers in the recruitment assistance they provide.

The task of STAR’s three regional divisions is to support job centres with the implementation of the employment reform and to support the development of employment initiatives across municipalities.

The task of the regional labour market councils is to ensure coordination and co-operation across municipalities. The councils must support co-operation with educational institutions and business authorities and support co-operation on the recruitment of manpower across municipal borders. In particular, they have the task of coordinating business services in regions or industries with a high level of unemployment.

As a result of the reform, DKK 150 million has been allocated for the period 2015-2020 in order to fund skill development of employees and managers in job centres. These resources must also be used to support the improvement of business services.


Last updated: 22-05-2023