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Key figures for employment efforts in Denmark

The Benchmark Report presents the status of the government's employment-policy goals and describes how far Danish job centres have come with regard to implementing major reforms.

This report is prepared by the Danish Agency for Labour Market and Recruitment (STAR). On a monthly basis, it presents the status of the government’s employment-policy goals and describes how far each Danish job centre has come with regard to implementing the major employment reforms. The report is structured as a template in which all figures have been pre-defined. The report is updated on a monthly basis and is available for each municipal or job centre on www.jobindsats.dk.

Available benchmark reports on jobindsats.dk (new window)

The report contains targets and implementation indicators for the following reforms; reform of disability pensions and flexi-job, the cash benefits reform, the sickness benefits reform, the employment reform, the integration reform and The Minister of Employment's policy goals.

Key figures for the different reforms are based on the targets and implementation indicators. STAR places particular emphasis on its implementation indicators, which are based on existing evidence on which active labour market policies that work.

  • Targets indicate whether the intentions and results of a reform have been met.
  • Implementation indicators indicate whether an implementation is on the right track. Implementation indicators describe what the municipalities, unemployment insurance funds and STAR are to provide in order to realise the intentions and targets, e.g. that municipalities use the key tools or that the desired change in behaviour can be observed among citizens, businesses and case officers.

You can find English versions of the benchmark reports below

The latest version of the Benchmark Report (pdf)


Last updated: 07-11-2019